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Web design is much more than the creation of a beautiful web page.

Quite apart from its role as an advertising tool, an interactive website may also serve to support operational procedures (for example rent-a-car reservations) and client-base requirements (technical manuals for various devices).

Website design is no different to other advertising tools in that it follows the following simple "rule-of-thumb".

Interest - Desire - Action

Interest: When you enter in a website, something should attract your attention.

Desire: The products or services that a website includes should be presented in a specific way so as to create the desire for shopping.

Action: Websites, with suitable contact forms, should allow visitors to buy or order products.

The cost of internet advertising should be estimated according to your budget and includes the design, the maintenance and the promotion of your website in the internet.

The budget for internet advertising is calculated based on overall company expenditure on advertising (including the creation of commercial catalogues, sample catalogues etc).

* Rather disappointingly, we note that many companies that spend huge amounts (50.000-100.000 Euro) to design and print commercial product catalogues, will spend only 1.000 Euro to promote their company to the millions who use the internet.

Of course, our aim is not to talk you into increasing your budget, as, at the same time, we have examples of companies that invested a huge budget for internet advertising without the expected results.

Statistics, analysis and market research can help estimate the budget that your company should spend to create an impressive website at a fair price.


With our help, your company will acquire a strong internet presence, with security, integrity and pride.

We will help you learn:

...what to say,
...where to say it,
...when to say it, well we said it.