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Our STUDIO provides:

Custom Web Design. Before designing a website we make a careful analysis of the client and their needs. Colors, photos, animations and texts should be combined very carefully so as to create a competitive website for your company.

Multi Language translation. We can translate your site in many languages such as Greek, English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, Poland, Rumanian, Czech, Arabian
(i.e )
Web site scripting effects. We have great experience in designing interactive special effects so as to create an outstanding website which will impress visitors. We can design for example: analogical flash clocks, analogical clocks, date, moving logos, effect of moving cursor.
3D Design. We have experience in designing logos, as well as products and items in 3D form. Furthermore we can offer you the creation of 3D web environment enabling your visitors or customers "living" an impressive web experience while moving around into it.
Photography. Photography of places, products or people.
Make-up. Professional make-up for you, your staff or models in order to create the best image for your company during photography.
Video Recording. Video recording and direction for the best presentation of your company, your products and your services.
Video Editing. Optimization. Resize and compression of your current videos so as your customers can watch them faster and better while browsing.
Web site graphic optimization. We can check your website and with specific applications your websiteís load could be reduced to half.
Interactivity. The websites that we design can have interactive areas which mean that we can create interactive applications (images, cursors, games). With these applications, your website comes alive and your visitors will love coming back again and again.
Animation. Every idea can be converted into movement and sound. We can create logo animations or animated scenarios.
Sound effects. We can insert, as a background in your website, a piece of music or we can create, especially for your site, special sound effects.
Search Engine Submission ( S.E.S ). We can submit your website in the most popular search engines like:,,, and others. We can find as well, new engines and specific catalogues for your site.
Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O ). We can improve the rank of your site in search engines results, making your page be the first result in queries through search engines like
CD Optimization. Optimization of your website so as to operate in CD and in all the types of computers. With this application you can have presence in your customersí place.
Web site tools. Website management tools such as CMS (Content management systems), Forums, chats, and statistics live support and many others.
Outsourcing. If you are a designer or an owner of an advertising company we could have a permanent collaboration by helping you in specific issues such as commercial policy, pricing or promotion. Our collaboration will be a guarantee for the satisfaction of your clients.
  Except of all these tools that we have already developed, we can create new tools according to our clientís needs.

Markup Languages


Stylesheet Languages


Query Languages

- MS Access
- MS Jet
- PostgreSQL


Programming Languages

- C
- C++
- Java
- JavaScript
- Pascal
- PHP 4 & PHP 5
- Perl
- Python
- Visual Basic
- VBScript




- POP3

  * We can create special programs which can be used as a connector between your applications. For example your e-shop can be always up-to-date by the program that you use in your depository.


Our characteristics

>> Artistic talent<<
>> Speed<<
>> Accuracy and Consistency<<
>> Cooperativeness<<


Donít choose our company if you donít want to succeed!



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